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Driveway & patio cleaning

ECSmidlands uses two pressure washing machines, one your traditional high power pressure washer that we use a turbo nozzle on making sure all moss, algae, and vegetation are removed however we also offer a further clean with our DOFF system that produces 150degrees super-heated water for those stubborn areas that have stains or are heavily soiled in lichen. Using our DOFF machine for a post-wash down also ensures all moss and algae spores have been removed or killed by the heat of the DOFF giving you a cleaner driveway, patio, or block paving area for longer.

When we are cleaning delicate stone our DOFF machine comes into a league of its own as the temperature and pressure are fully adjustable making sure we do not damage anything we clean.


We have the option to use flat surface cleaners in areas where we must minimise spray and splatter of dirt and debris which means we can clean in the vicinity of the public with the minimum of risk. Areas that require further attention or are inaccessible can be cleaned using a handheld lance.


We also offer the option of re-sanding as when you clean block paving a lot of the old sand will be removed and if it is not replaced your block paving can start to move.


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Driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, pressure washing, block paving cleaning on a commercial or domestic scale in Birmingham,  no project too big or small. 

Anything external we can clean it.


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