Brickwork & Building Cleaning

To get your brickwork or building looking the best it can be we undertake a 3 Phase cleaning process


Firstly, we clean the entire area using the DOFF technology. Our self-contained equipment can deliver pressurised steam at 150°C with pressures as low as 40 Bar. This means that we can deliver an impressive, but at the same time, gentle clean. The cleaning process ensures that all the surface based dirt and algae deposits are removed.


We then treat the surface with our ‘Render Wash’; this is particularly effective at killing the algae and moss that has become ingrained into the render. Some algae spores are microscopic and are really good at hanging around; which explains why they are one of the oldest organisms on earth.


Once the Brickwork & Render Wash has been applied it is left for 10 to 30 minutes to soak and then the render is given a secondary clean; again with our DOFF system which rinses off all the Brickwork & Render Wash chemical and leaves the surface clean and like new.


There are additional benefits of using our DOFF system over traditional high pressure jet washing.


By using our DOFF system the render dries quickly which means that moisture is not driven deep into the render. If water penetrates it can become trapped and subsequently freeze and then expand during the winter months. The frozen moisture expands and causes cracking or blowing which can lead to costly repair work.
Because DOFF produces steam at 150°C it kills the surface based spores along with any other living organic materials.


Our system cleans gently and so does not cause the scarring and damage that is frequently associated with other jet washing methods.


To complete an effective clean it is important that the access arrangements are right and with our experienced partners we can supply a complete access solution to any job. We can arrange for scaffolding to be erected or hire in the right MEWP (Cherry Picker) for the job, If we use MEWPS then all our operatives are IPAF trained.


Our operatives take a pride in what they do and enjoy a challenge. They are fully trained to use our system and have a great deal of experience at cleaning render. They hold a range of qualifications including IPAF, PASMA, First Aid and safety awareness.

Cleaning Solution's Made Easy For You